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Dressed in her tank top shirt jean mini skirt and heels Autumn set off to help setup for the party that was about to take place. With her blonde locks pulled in two loose pigtails showing off her young beautiful face. Those freshly glossed lips aching to be kissed as she breaks into a smile showing off those pearly white teeth. Shyly twisting from side to side giving just the slightest glimpse of her long slender legs. Tugging at her pigtails giving a nice shot of her small perky tits through her camisole. Autumn bites on her nail while thinking about how she would love to be laid on the table with her little legs spread wide. Bending over revealing her tight fleshy ass. Knowing that she wouldn't get anything done with the hot scenes playing through her mind she would have to soon masturbate. Sliding on the table, spreading her legs wide slowly inserting a finger, rocking herself back and forth with juices dripping down her finger.

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