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Awoken earlier than normal Autumn wandered through the house attempting to keep herself busy. But no matter what she did her mind kept wandering back to the erotic dreams that she must have been having before awakening. Swaying back and forth in a rhythmic beat to the music playing in the background slowly running her hands up and down her body. Swishing her perfect hips from side to side, pushing her skirt up to give just a peek at of the firm round bottom hiding underneath. Continuing with the strip tease as she eases one piece of clothing off after another. Lying on the couch with her legs spread wide and pigtails falling against her face. Moaning softly as she slowly slides her favorite toy inside her tight little pussy. Needing more Autumn slowly inserts it deep inside her ass. Stretching her legs farther apart allowing her to push it even deeper and her moans get faster as the heat between her legs intensifies. Gripping the edge of the couch with her small hands as she impales herself with even further sending her over the edge.

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